Director : Pr. Jérome Chevalier

► Jérôme Chevalier is the director of MATEIS which is dually affiliated with I2B and CERA. He is a member of the  Institut Universitaire de France (IUF) and is responsible for working on the development and reliability of ceramics used in the biomedical field. He is recognised worldwide for his expertise in ceramics and zircon-based composites.  He also works on calcium phosphates and bioactive glass. Jerôme Chevalier is editor of the Journal of the European Ceramic Society ... (more here)

Deputy Directors: Prof. Bernard NORMAND, DR Eric MAIRE

Scientific Council :

  • Jérôme Chevalier, Professor  – Director
  • Bernard Normand, Professor – Deputy Director
  • Éric Maire, Head of Research CNRS  – Deputy Director

College of Researchers and Research Professors  

College DR/PR

  • Thierry EPICIER (T)/Karine MASENELLI-VARLOT (S).
  • Olivier LAME (T) / Christian OLAGNON (S).
  • Damien FABREGUE (T) / Joël COURBON (S).

College CR/MC

  • Benoit TER-OVANESSIAN (T) / Cyril LANGLOIS (S).
  • Stéphanie DESCHANEL (T) / Helen REVERON (S).
  • Lucian ROIBAN (T) / Claudio FUSCO (S).

College of PhD students      

  • François GRASLAND (T) / Malo CARRADOT (S).

College of the Engineers, Technicians and Admin staff   

College Cat. A

  • Jérôme ADRIEN (T) / José FERREIRA (S).

College Cat. B et C       

  • Jalila SECOND (T) / Antonia RICCOBENE (S).
  • Ilias AGUILI (T) / Florian MERCIER (S).
  • Sylvain MEILLE, Maître de conférences (T),  Solène TADIER, Maître de conférences (S).
  • Marion FREGONESE, Professeur (T), Sabrina MARCELIN, Ingénieur de recherches (S).
  • Philippe STEYER, Maître de conférences (T), Laurence HEINRICH, Maître de conférences (S).  
  • Laurent CHAZEAU, Professeur  (T), Jean-Marc CHENAL, Maître de conférences (S). 
  • Sandra BALVAY, Technicienne (T) / Dalila TIDADINI, Adjoint technique (S).