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Année universitaire en cours : 2019

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    • Baulin, O., T. Douillard, D. Fabrègue, M. Perez, J.-M. Pelletier, M. Bugnet (2019). ‘Three-dimensional structure and formation mechanisms of Y 2 O 3 hollow-precipitates in a Cu-based metallic glass ‘. Materials and Design 168: art. no. 107660.
    • Benane B., G. Baeza, B. Chal, L. Roiban, S. Meille, C. Olagnon, B. Yrieix, G. Foray (2109). ‘Multiscale structure of super insulation nano-fumed silicas studied by SAXS, tomography and porosimetry’. Acta Materialia, 168: 401-410.
    • Cardinal, S. J.-M. Pelletier, G. Q. Xie, F. Mercier, F. Dalmas (2018). "Enhanced compressive plasticity in a Cu-Zr-Al–Based metallic glass composite",  Journal of Alloys and Compounds 782: 59-68.
    • Chal, B., B. Yrieix, L. Roiban, K. Masenelli-Varlot, J.-M. Chenal, G. Foray (2018). "Nanostructured silica used in super-insulation materials (SIM), hygrothermal ageing followed by sorption characterizations", Energy and Buildings 183: 626-638.
    • De Almeida, A., M. Nébouy, G. Baeza (2019). ‘Bimodal Crystallization Kinetics of PBT/PTHF Segmented Block Copolymers: Impact of the Chain Rigidity’. Macromolecules 52 (3): 1227-1240.
    • Diguet, G., G. Sebald, M. Nakano, M. Lallart, J.-Y. Cavaillé (2019). ‘Magnetic particle chains embedded in elastic polymer matrix under pure transverse shear and energy conversion’. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materiald 481: 39-49.
    • Fusco, C., D.R. Long, L. Vanel (2019). ‘Brittle-to-quasibrittle transition in creep rupture of 2D disordered elastic materials’. Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment: art. n. 053301. 
    • Goryaeva, A.M., C. Fusco, M. Bugnet, J. Amodeo (2019). ‘Influence of an amorphous surface layer on the mechanical properties of metallic nanoparticles under compression’. Physical Review Materials 3(3): art. no. 033606.
    • Grasland F., L. Chazeau, J.-M. Chenal, J. Caillard, R. Schach (2019). ‘About the elongation at break of unfilled natural rubber elastomers’. Polymer 169: 195-206.
    • Grasland F., L. Chazeau, J.-M. Chenal, R. Schach (2019). ‘About thermo-oxidative ageing at moderate temperature of conventionally vulcanized natural rubber’. Polymer Degradation and Stability 161: 74-84.
    • Jomaa M.H., L. Roiban, D.S. Dhungana, J. Xiao, J.-Y. Cavaillé, L. Seveyrat, L. Lebrun, G. Diguet, K. Masenelli-Varlot (2019). ‘Quantitative analysis of grafted CNT dispersion and of their stiffening of polyurethane (PU)’Composites Science and Technology 171: 103-110.
    • Koneti, S., L. Roiban, F. Dalmas, C. Langlois, A.S. Gay, A. Cabiac, T. Grenier, H. Banjak, V. Maxim, T. Epicier (2109). ‘Fast electron tomography: Applications to beam sensitive samples and in situ TEM or operando environmental TEM studies’. Materials Characterization 151: 480-495.
    • Qiao, J.C., T.P. Ren, G. Lyu, L. Zhang, H.F. Zhang, J.-M. Pelletier, Y. Yao (2019). "Physical mechanism of internal friction behavior of β-type bulk metallic glass composites", Materials Science and Engineering: A 739: 193-197.
    • Qiao, J.C. J.-M. Pelletier, Y. Yao  (2019). "Creep in bulk metallic glasses. Transition from linear to non linear regime", Materials Science and Engineering: A  743: 185-189.
    • Qiao J.C, Q. Wang, J.-M. Pelletier, H. Kato, R. Casalini, D. Crespo, E. Pineda, Y. Yao, Y. Yang (2019). ‘Structural heterogeneities and mechanical behavior of amorphous alloys’. Progress in Materials Science 104: 250-329.
    • Qiao J.C., Y.H. Chen, R. Casalini, J.-M. Pelletier, Y. Yao (2109). ‘Main α relaxation and slow β relaxation processes in a La 30 Ce 30 Al 15 Co 25 metallic glass’. Journal of Materials Science and Technology 35 (6): 982-986.
    • Rapp, G., J. Tireau, P.-O. Bussiere, J.-M. Chenal, F. Rousset, L. Chazeau, J.-L. Gardette, S. Therias (2019). ‘Influence of the physical state of a polymer blend on thermal ageing’.  Polymer Degradation and Stability 163: 161-173.
    • Rinaldi, R., L. Manin, S. Moineau, N. Havard (2019). "Table Tennis Ball Impacting Racket Polymeric Coatings: Experiments and Modeling of Key Performance Metrics", Applied Sciences 9: 158.
    • Sharma, A., G.P. Baeza, L. Imperiali, W.P.J. Appel, C. Fitié, G. Van den Poel, E. van Ruymbeke (2019). ‘Fast scanning calorimetry clarifies the understanding of the complex melting and crystallization behavior of polyesteramide multi-block copolymers’. Polymer International 68 (2): 283-293.
    • Souillard, C., L. Chazeau, J.-Y. Cavaillé, S. Brun, R. Schach (2019). ‘On the β relaxations in poly(butadiene) and poly(styrene-butadiene) rubbers’.  Polymer 168: 236-245.
    • Tong, Y., J.C. Qiao, J.-M. Pelletier, Y. Yao (2019). ‘Rate-dependent plastic deformation of TiZrHfCuNiBe high entropy bulk metallic glass’. Journal of Alloys and Compound 785: 542-552.
    • Trinh, G.H., M. Desloir, F. Dutertre, J.C. Majesté, F. Dalmas, G.P. Baeza (2019). ‘Isostructural softening of the filler networkin SBR/silica nanocomposites’. Soft Matter 15: 3122-3132.
    • Wongtimnoi, K., J‐Y Cavaillé, J.‐M. Chenal, B. Guiffard, A. Bogner, L. Seveyrat (2019). "Thickness‐dependent microstructural and electromechanical properties in polyurethane films obtained by polymer solution casting", Journal of Applied Polymer Science 136;: 46981.

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