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Année universitaire en cours : 2018

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    • Baeza, G. P. (2018). "The Reinforcement Effect in Well-Defined Segmented Copolymers: Counting the Topological Constraints at the Mesoscopic Scale", Macromolecules 51: 1957-1966.
    • Baulin, O., M. Bugnet, D. Fabrègue, A. Lenain, S. Gravier, S. Cazottes, G. Kapelski, B. Ter-Ovanessian, S. Balvay, D. J. Hartmann, J.-M. Pelletier (2018). "Improvement of mechanical, thermal, and corrosion properties of Ni-and Al-free Cu–Zr–Ti metallic glass with yttrium addition", Materialia 1: 249-257.
    • Baulin, O., D. Fabrègue, H. Kato, A. Liens, T. Wada, J.-M. Pelletier (2018). "A new, toxic element-free Mg-based metallic glass for biomedical applications", Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 481: 397-402.
    • Bernard, C. A., T. Deplancke, O. Lame, K. Ogawa, J.-Y. Cavaillé (2018). "Three-dimensional constitutive model for the description of high molecular weight semicrystalline polymers over a large range of temperatures and strain rates: Application to Ultra High Molecular Weight PolyEthylene", European Physical Journal Web Conf. 183: 01016.
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    • Chal, B., G. Foray, B. Yrieix, K. Masenelli-Varlot, L. Roiban, J.-M. Chenal (2018). "Durability of silica aerogels dedicated to superinsulation measured under hygrothermal conditions", Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 272: 61-69.
    • Cui, G., V.A.H. Boudara, Q. Huang, G. P. Baeza, A. J. Wilson, O. Hassager, D. J. Read, J. Mattsson (2018). "Linear shear and nonlinear extensional rheology of unentangled supramolecular side-chain polymers", Journal of Rheology 62: 1155-1174.
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    • Dalmas, F., S. Pearson, B. Gary, J.-M. Chenal, E. Bourgeat-Lami, V. Prévot, L. Chazeau (2018).  "Tailored microstructure and mechanical properties of nanocomposite films made from polyacrylic/LDH hybrid latexes synthesized by RAFT-mediated emulsion polymerization", Polymer Chemistry 9: 2590-2600.
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    • Hamam, Z.,  N. Godin, C. Fusco, T. Monnier (2018). "Acoustic Emission Signal Associated to Fiber Break during a Single Fiber Fragmentation Test: Modeling and Experiment", Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute Proceedings 8: 394.
    • Jomaa, MH, L. Roiban, D.S. Dhungana, J. Xiao, J.-Y. Cavaillé, L. Seveyrat, L. Lebrun, G. Diguet, K. Masenelli-Varlot (2018). "Quantitative analysis of grafted CNT dispersion and of their stiffening of polyurethane (PU)", Composites Science and Technology 171: 103-110.
    • Koibuchi, H., C. Bernard, J.-M. Chenal, G. Diguet, G. Sebald, J.-Y. Cavaillé, T. Takagi, L. Chazeau (2018). "Mathematical Modeling of Rubber Elasticity", Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1141: 012081.
    • Le Gall, T., T. Monnier, C. Fusco, N. Godin, S.-E. Hebaz (2018). "Towards Quantitative Acoustic Emission by Finite Element Modelling: Contribution of Modal Analysis and Identification of Pertinent Descriptors", Applied Sciences 8: 2557.
    • Liens, A., A. Etiemble, P. Rivory, S. Balvay, J.-M. Pelletier, S. Cardinal, D. Fabrègue, H. Kato, P. Steyer, T. Munhoz, J. Adrien, N. Courtois, D. J. Hartmann, J. Chevalier (2018). "On the Potential of Bulk Metallic Glasses for Dental Implantology: Case Study on Ti40Zr10Cu36Pd14", Materials 11: 249.
    • Lyu, G.J., J. Qiao, J. Gu, M. Song, J.-M. Pelletier, Y. Yao (2018). "Experimental analysis to the structural relaxation of Ti48Zr20V12Cu5Be15 metallic glass matrix composite", Journal of Alloys and Compounds 769: 443-452.
    • Lyu, G.J., J.C. Qiao, J.-M. Pelletier, Y. Yao (2018). "The dynamic mechanical characteristics of Zr-based bulk metallic glasses and composites", Materials Science and Engineering: A 711: 356-363.
    • Mahaud, M., Z. Zhai, M. Perez, O. Lame, C. Fusco, L. Chazeau, A. Makke, G. Marque, J. Morthomas (2018). "Polymer Chain Generation for Coarse-Grained Models Using Radical-Like Polymerization", Communications in Computational Physics 24: 885-898.
    • Martín-Fabiani, I., M. Liang Koh, F. Dalmas, K. L. Elidottir, S. J. Hinder, I. Jurewicz, M. Lansalot, E. Bourgeat-Lami, J. L. Keddie (2018). "Design of Waterborne Nanoceria/Polymer Nanocomposite UV-Absorbing Coatings: Pickering versus Blended Particles", ACS Applied Nano Materials 1: 3956-3968.
    • Metri, V., A. Louhichi, J. Yan, G. P. Baeza, K. Matyjaszewski, D. Vlassopoulos, W. J. Briels (2018). "Physical Networks from Multifunctional Telechelic Star Polymers: A Rheological Study by Experiments and Simulations",Macromolecules 51: 2872-2886.
    • Nébouy, M., A. de Almeida, S. Brottet, G. P. Baeza (2018). "Process-Oriented Structure Tuning of PBT/PTHF Thermoplastic Elastomers", Macromolecules 51: 6291-6302.
    • Qiao, J. C., Q. Wang, J.-M. Pelletier, Y. Yao (2018). "Relaxation of Ni-free Ti40Zr10Cu36Pd14 bulk metallic glass under mechanical stress", Intermetallics 102: 6-10.
    • Qiao, J. C., J. Cong, Q. Wang, J.-M. Pelletier, Y. Yao (2018). "Effects of iron addition on the dynamic mechanical relaxation of Zr55Cu30Ni5Al10 bulk metallic glasses", Journal of Alloys and Compounds 749: 262-267.
    • Qiao, J. C., Y. X. Chen, J.-M. Pelletier, H. Kato, D. Crespo, Y. Yao, V. A. Khonik (2018). "Viscoelasticity of Cu-and La-based bulk metallic glasses: Interpretation based on the quasi-point defects theory", Materials Science and Engineering: A 719: 164-170.
    • Ravi, K., T. Deplancke, K. Ogawa, J.-Y. Cavaillé, O. Lame (2018). "Understanding deposition mechanism in cold sprayed ultra high molecular weight polyethylene coatings on metals by isolated particle deposition method", Additive Manufacturing 21: 191-200.
    • Silva, C.A.F., L. Manin, R. G. Rinaldi, D. Remond, E. Besnier, M.-A. Andrianoely (2018). "Modeling of power losses in poly-V belt transmissions: Hysteresis phenomena (enhanced analysis)", Mechanism and Machine Theory 121: 373-397.
    • Wang, C. H., Y.J. Hu, J.C. Qiao, J.-M. Pelletier, L.Y. Du, W. Zhai, B. Wei (2018). "Mechanical relaxation behavior of Zr64. 13Cu15. 75Ni10. 12Al10 bulk metallic glass", Materials Science and Engineering: A 738: 57-62.
    • Wongtimnoi, K., J.-Y. Cavaillé, J.-M. Chenal, B. Guiffard, A. Bogner, L. Seveyrat (2018). "Thickness?dependent microstructural and electromechanical properties in polyurethane films obtained by polymer solution casting", Journal of Applied Polymer Science 135:  46981.
    • Xiong, B., O. Lame, R. Seguela, Y. Men (2018). "Micro/macro-stress relationship and local stress distribution in polyethylene spherulites upon uniaxial stretching in the small strain domain", Polymer 140: 215-224.
    • Zhai, W., C. H. Wang, J. C. Qiao, J.-M. Pelletier, F. P. Dai, B. Wei (2018). "Distinctive slow ? relaxation and structural heterogeneity in (LaCe)-based metallic glass", Journal of Alloys and Compounds 742: 536-541.

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