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1. Rima, W., Sancey, L., Aloy, M.-T., Armandy, E., Alcantara, G.B., Epicier, T., Malchère, A., (...), Perriat, P., Internalization pathways into cancer cells of gadolinium-based radiosensitizing nanoparticles, 2013, Biomaterials, 34 (1) , pp. 181-195

2. Gremillard, L., Martin, L., Zych, L., Crosnier, E., Chevalier, J., Charbouillot, A., Sainsot, P., (...), Aurelle, J.-L., Combining ageing and wear to assess the durability of zirconia-based ceramic heads for total hip arthroplasty, 2013, Acta Biomaterialia 9 (7) , pp. 7545-7555

3. Armoiry, X., Abelin-Genevois, K., Charroin, C., Aulagner, G., Cunin, V., Magnetically controlled growing rods for scoliosis in children, 2012, The Lancet 380 (9849) , pp. 1229

4. Bel, A., Ricci, M., Piquet, J., Bruneval, P., Perier, M.-C., Gagnieu, C., Fabiani, J.-N., Menasché, P., Prevention of postcardiopulmonary bypass pericardial adhesions by a new resorbable collagen membrane , 2012, Interactive Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery 14 (4) , pp. 469-473

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