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  • Cardinal, S. J.-M. Pelletier, G. Q. Xie, F. Mercier, F. Dalmas (2018). "Enhanced compressive plasticity in a Cu-Zr-Al–Based metallic glass composite",  Journal of Alloys and Compounds 782: 59-68.
  • Chal, B., B. Yrieix, L. Roiban, K. Masenelli-Varlot, J.-M. Chenal, G. Foray (2018). "Nanostructured silica used in super-insulation materials (SIM), hygrothermal ageing followed by sorption characterizations", Energy and Buildings 183: 626-638.
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  • Qiao, J.C. J.-M. Pelletier, Y. Yao  (2018). "Creep in bulk metallic glasses. Transition from linear to non linear regime", Materials Science and Engineering: A  743: 185-189.
  • Rinaldi, R., L. Manin, S. Moineau, N. Havard (2018). "Table Tennis Ball Impacting Racket Polymeric Coatings: Experiments and Modeling of Key Performance Metrics", Applied Sciences 9: 158.
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  • Cardinal, S.
  • Chal, B.
  • Qiao, J.C.
  • Rinaldi, R.
  • Wongtimnoi, K.