Joint Laboratories

         We at the laboratory identify with the concerns of our industrial partners and the challenges posed by society. Bearing this in mind and whilst wishing to maintain a state-of-the-art generic international research strategy in Materials Science, the laboratory has undertaken the creation of the following joint laboratories: MATeB (energy and building), LEAD (health) and ELyT (international laboratory).

is a joint laboratory with EDF founded in 2014, after more than 10 years’ scientific collaboration. MATeB is interested in the architectured and multi-functional materials intended to develop energy efficient materials for buildings and their associated systems. The first projects recorded dealt with SIM (Super-Insulating Materials) and their aim in particular, was to raise the antagonism between mechanical and thermal properties by understanding the mechanisms. PhD and postdoctoral students (3) produce the ‘by-design’ elements of the future and develop them further.

is a joint " PME-ETI research facility" and a collaboration between the company ANTHOGYR and the MATEIS laboratory, dealing with implantology and restorative dentistry. Award winner at ANR LABCOM in 2014, the Laboratory of Excellence in Dental Applications is striving to share its skills and expertise with the aim of creating innovative materials and devices for dental applications.

is a French-Japanese joint research laboratory created in 2008 from the International Associated Laboratory (LIA, CNRS certified) and the "Science & Engineering Lyon Tohoku joint lab" (ELyT lab), marking a collaboration between l’INSA, the ECL and Tohoku University in Japan that has lasted for more then 20 years. Around 20 projects are currently ongoing in the ELyT lab and eight students have theses under joint supervision (Double PhD degree, four of which are at MATEIS) at universities in Lyon and Tohoku. Visit the website for more details..