Multi-scale modelling

"Multi-scale modelling” shows that MATEIS wants become a major player on a national and international level in terms of materials science multi-scale modelling. There are a multitude of scientific themes broached by the laboratory:

  • Multi-scale modelling of microstructural evolutions and mechanical properties: we base our work on the atomic scale (ab initio calculations, molecular dynamics) going as far as the behaviour laws integrable into Finite Element codes.
  • The modelling of mechanical properties founded on real microstructures: using real 3D images obtained using tomography, we can predict, for example, the behaviour of the material by comparing it to that which is characterised by experiment (fracture, local deformation locale etc.)
  • “Material by Design » and new « materials »: whatever the polymer domain (nano-structured copolymers), architectured material (tangled monofilaments) or metal (graded materials), we can predict and understand the properties of use enabling us to give feedback on the design so that we can produce materials whose properties meet the requirements of the specifications given.


Fig. 1 : Illustration of multi-scale modeling methods