The laboratory is based on a matrix structure and comprises six research teams:

          -  the  METAL, PVMH and CERA teams deal with one class of material each (metals and alloys, polymers, amorphous and semi-crystalline materials and ceramics and composites respectively). Generally speaking, the three teams handle relations between microstructure and behaviour (essentially mechanic) and the evolution of microstructures during production and use.  

          -  The CorrIS, SNMS and I2B teams deal with all three classes of material and each one concentrates on one of the main topics of Materials Science. The SNMS team develops new techniques for observing microstructure and figures out how the other teams can apply them. The CorrIS team studies are centred on corrosion and anti-corrosion, whilst forming strong links with the laboratory’s other teams.  The  I2B team develops and characterises all types of material for medical use, paying close attention to biological interactions and is able to comprehend the development of medical apparatus from conception and medico-economic evaluation to clinical use.