Technical departments

Electronics department (Joint ressources)

The workshop is responsible for designing, producing and maintaining our instruments. The areas concerned are electronics, electronic engineering, automation and the IT required for instrument use. A list of examples can be found below:

  • High-speed cyclic loading bench enabling in-situ polymer diffraction-diffusion on polymers
  • Image furnace for X-ray tomography
  • Thermoregulated rotary stage for the environmental scanning electron microscope(ESEM)
  • High temperature contraction-compression stages (1200°C) also for the ESEM

Contacts :

Service Mechanics department (Joint ressources + teaching teams/department)

The mechanics department ensures the maintenance of the mechanical testing machines.  A list of examples can be found below:

  •  Producing the components for all mechanical equipment used by the laboratory’s research teams and for the GMC and SGM department work platforms.           
  • Managing the MSD (Materials, Structure and Durability) practical work and the SGM department’s equipment comprising around 15 machines (traction, creep, fatigue, hardness, quenching, thermal shock etc.)  


Engineers and Technicians managing scientific projects within the groups