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Année universitaire en cours : 2022

  • Candau, N., J.-M. Chenal, O. Lame, P. Schouwink, V. Michaud, C.J.G. Plummer, H. Frauenrath (2022). 'Enhanced ductility in high performance polyamides due to strain-induhase transitions'. Polymer 238: 124424.
  • Duan, Y.J., L.T. Zhang, T. Wada, H. Kato, E. Pineda, D. Crespo, J.-M. Pelletier, J.C. Qiao (2022). 'Analysis of the anelastic deformation of high-entropy Pd20Pt20Cu20Ni20P20 metallic glass under stress relaxation and recovery'. Journal of Materials Science & Technology 107: 82-91.
  • Gallu, R., F. Méchin, J.-F. Gérard, F. Dalmas (2022). 'Influence of the chain extender of a segmented polyurethane on the properties of polyurethane-modified asphalt blends'. Construction and Building Materials 328: 127061.
  • Griffiths, P., G. Coativy, F. Dalmas, G. Falco, L. Jiang, Z. Xiang, M.-Q. Le, B. Ducharne, D. Le Roy, F. Méchin, J. Bernard, S. Meille, G.P. Baeza. 'Ultrafast Remote Healing of Magneto-Responsive Thermoplastic Elastomer-Based Nanocomposites'. Macromolecules 55: 831-843.
  • Hamam, Z., N. Godin, P. Reynaud, C. Fusco, N. Carrère, A. Doitrand (2022). 'Transverse Cracking Induced Acoustic Emission in Carbon Fiber-Epoxy Matrix Composite Laminates'. Materials 15: 394.
  • He, Q.F., J.G. Wang, H.A. Chen, Z.Y. Ding, Z.Q. Zhou, L.H. Xiong, J.H. Luan, J.-M. Pelletier, J.C. Qiao, Q. Wang, L.L. Fan, Y. Ren, Q.S. Zeng, C.T. Liu, C.W. Pao, D.J. Srolovitz, Y. Yang (2022). 'A highly distorted ultraelastic chemically complex Elinvar alloy'. Nature 602: 251-257.
  • Hao, Q., G.J. Lyu, E. Pineda, J.-M. Pelletier, Y.J. Wang, Y. Yang, J.C. Qiao (2022). 'A hierarchically correlated flow defect model for metallic glass: Universal understanding of stress relaxation and creep'. International Journal of Plasticity 154: 103288.    
  • Zhang, L.T., Y. Duan, E. Pineda, H. Kato, J.-M. Pelletier, J.C. Qiao (2022). 'Effect of physical aging and cyclic loading on power-law creep of high-entropy metallic glass'. Journal of Materials Science & Technology 115: 1-9.


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