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  • Baulin, O., T. Douillard, D. Fabrègue, M. Perez, J.-M. Pelletier, M. Bugnet (2019). ‘Three-dimensional structure and formation mechanisms of Y 2 O 3 hollow-precipitates in a Cu-based metallic glass ‘. Materials and Design 168: art. no. 107660.
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  • Gallo, M., H. Abouelleil, J.-M. Chenal, J. Adrien, J. Lachambre, P. Colon, E. Maire (2019). 'Polymerization shrinkage of resin-based composites for dental restorations: A digital volume correlation study'. Dental Materials 35 (11): 1654-1664.
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  • Liu, M., J.C. Qiao, Q. Hao, Y. Chen, Y. Yao, D. Crespo, J.-M. Pelletier (2019). 'Dynamic Mechanical Relaxation in LaCe-Based Metallic Glasses: Influence of the Chemical Composition'.
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  • Trinh, G.H., M. Desloir, F. Dutertre, J.C. Majesté, F. Dalmas, G.P. Baeza (2019). ‘Isostructural softening of the filler networkin SBR/silica nanocomposites’. Soft Matter 15: 3122-3132.
  • Wongtimnoi, K., J‐Y Cavaillé, J.‐M. Chenal, B. Guiffard, A. Bogner, L. Seveyrat (2019). "Thickness‐dependent microstructural and electromechanical properties in polyurethane films obtained by polymer solution casting", Journal of Applied Polymer Science 136;: 46981.
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  • Zhai, Z., J. Morthomas, C. Fusco, M. Perez, O. Lame (2019). 'Crystallization and Molecular Topology of Linear Semicrystalline Polymers: Simulation of Uni-and Bimodal Molecular Weight Distribution Systems'. Macromolecules 52: 4196-4208.
  • Zhai, Z., C. Fusco, J. Morthomas, M. Perez, O. Lame (2019). 'Disentangling and Lamellar Thickening of Linear Polymers during Crystallization: Simulation of Bimodal and Unimodal Molecular Weight Distribution Systems'. ACS Nano 13: 11310-11319.


  • Pelletier, J.-M, J.C. Qiao (2019). 'Metallic glasses'. Springer Handbook of Glass; 617-643.

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