Administrative and management departments

Administrative staff are spread over three main departments governing administrative management, financial management and laboratory activity management. From an administrative management point of view, Mateis has an executive administration office, a senior administration manager and then each unit of the laboratory has its own administration office that is staffed part-time. From a financial point of view, the laboratory is made up of seven units that incorporate the six teams and their “common resources”.   

Administrative Management

This comprises the following main areas,
      - management and follow-up of laboratory accounts,
      - management of the laboratory’s temporary staff and its engineers, technicians and administrative staff,
      - management of the laboratory’s database,
      - administrative management of the different teams,
      - executive administration office of the laboratory and its teams.  

Financial Management

Laboratory revenue for all seven units listed below is handled by our administrator, whose tasks also include:
         - temporary staff salaries
         - legal, administrative and financial follow-up for research contracts and agreements
         - managing assignments

Joint resources

PODGOURSKAIA Alexandra, Joint resource management, INSA
RICCOBENE Antonia, Executive administration office, INSAVALOR
SATTLER Erika, Main administrator, Revenue and staff management
SECOND Jalila, Deputy administrator

Team resources

GONNET Sandrine, PVMH Group Management, INSA
PODGOURSKAIA Alexandra, SNMS and CLYM Group Management, INSA
TIDADINI Frida, METAL Group Management, INSA
QUILLOT Liliane, CERA Group Management, INSAVALOR
PAYEN Corinne, Assignment management for CERA, INSA
SECOND Jalila, CORRIS Group Management
TIDADINI Dalila, I2B, UCBL Lyon 1 Group Management