Internal training

Within the laboratory, courses are offered for PhD students and internal or external teacher-researchers. You will find below a list of these different trainings:

  • Write a document in LaTEX - Jordi SEUBA
    This presentation covers in a simple manner the fundamental knowledge necessary to write a relatively complex document (in length and layout) in LaTEX. First, it briefly introduces the language,  advantages and disadvantages compared with Word,  and an installation guide of required software. Afterwards, it explains how to structure a document through examples with increasing difficulty and provides links to websites and complementary software useful for begginers users.  This presentation aims to give the basic tools to students (particularly PhD. and Master students)  and encourage them to give the first steps on text processing with LaTEX.
  • Introduction to Molecular Dynamics simulation - J. MORTHOMAS, M. PEREZ, J. AMODEO and P. CHANTRENNE