The teams

Associate researchers

Dr. Carole Dessolin

contact: web: phone: +33 6 66 63 88 31

Dr. Dessolin is the Metal'in's head director and an associate researcher of the METAL group. The main goal of Metal'in is to cross-link a network of customers while valuing MATEIS laboratory equipments responding to the high demands in terms of industrial deliveries that cannot usually be handle by the METAL group researchers and students. Three solutions are proposed: master's intern, Ph.D thesis and post-docs.

Metal'in proposes several products and services:

  - Counselling: industrial problematic translated into materials study

  - Thermo and mechanical testing of metals and alloys

  - Materials, microstructural and thermo-mecahnical characterisation

  - Physics-based multi-scale modeling of phase transformation

  - Follow up of scientific projects in various fields of physical metallurgy

  - Teaching and courses in all of these domains


Dr. Maria Soledad Commisso


Dr. Commisso is Lecturer and researcher at ECAM de Lyon and an associate researcher of the METAL group. Her teaching responsibilities include classes primarily focused on General Mechanics, Material Science and Solid Mechanics. On research, her main interest is in mechanical characterization of different materials. She has performed experimental and computational studies on composites, superconductive wires, biomaterials and biological tissues. She is also well-versed in the numerical simulation of problems with contact mechanics. She has wide experience in image analysis from X-ray tomography (laboratory and Synchrotron), X-ray diffraction and magnetic resonances.