The teams


The group’s equipment

  • Equipment for electrochemical studies in the behaviour of corrosion (potentiostats and additional equipment for stationary state methods, rotating electrodes, frequency analysers and computerised devices for electrochemical impedanceometry etc.). [GAMRY™ Ref 600, Origalys™ e100, PARSTAT™ 2263,…]
  • Tribocorrosimeter and scratch test. [Falex™]
  • Full range of study equipment (acquisition and data processing) using the acoustic emissions, corresponding to the two latest commercial devices, with localised corrosion (electrochemical cell for studying pinpricks) corrosion-abrasion (circulation loop of diphasic fluid) adjustment.[MISTRAS™]
  • Classic means for studying and characterising metals and alloys (metallography, radiocrystallography and electron microscopy available through the SNMS group at MATEIS and the CLYM.
  • Computer equipment and software programmes for expert systems and Multimedia books on corrosion.
  • Quartz Crystal microbalance [AMETEK™