MATEIS is a Materials Science laboratory that encompasses different fields, namely chemistry, physics and mechanics. The laboratory studies three classes of materials (metals, ceramics and polymers), and their composites, incorporating their characteristics by volume and surface and their interfaces. The high quality, innovative equipment used for experiments, some of which has been developed within the laboratory, enables us to study:

  • advanced methods for developing materials for new microstructures and architectural structures, meeting new requirements and the ever increasing multifunctional constraints of the present day.
  • the characterisation of microstructures on different scales following their development and then evolution in situ, with a view to observing them and quantifying them in 3D.
  • the relations between microstructures and the macroscopic behaviour measured using different techniques (mechanical, physical, electrochemical etc.) and at the relevant scale, from the nanometre to the structure.
  • the evolution of the materials in use and how they interact with the environment using a holistic approach (systems theory). Multi-scale modelling, from the atom to the structure, relies on physical, chemical and mechanical characterisation carried out on all levels.

    Please click on the links below for a description of the equipment used by each research group

  • METAL equipment
  • PVMH equipment
  • CERA equipment
  • SNMS equipment
  • I2B equipment
  • CorrIS equipment



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Equipments - 10/18/2017

Workshop EBSD

Nouvelle caméra EBSD Symmetry basée sur la technologie CMOS

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