The teams


The METAL group (METal and ALloys) investigates the links between microstructure and thermo-mechanical properties of metallic alloys.

METAL covers severa topics which are crucial for metals and alloys in the field of materials sciences: elaboration processes, heat treatments, the study of phase transformations and the understanding of mechanical properties based of the microstructure/properties correlations, in situ tests and multi-scale modeling.

Fig. 1 Initiation and growth of damage in a dual-phase steel observed by X-ray microtomography (Maire et al. Acta Materialia 2008).

The METAL group activity is linked to several societal challenges in the field of transport, energy and health.

The team spirit is one of the major component of METAL in which each thesis is co-supervised. Each permanent group member is involved in several research fields and the growth of transversal activities including other groups of the MATEIS lab is a key-rule for METAL.