The teams

Nano and micro-structures

The general objective of the SNMS group (Structures, Nano and Micro-Structures) is to understand the micro- and nano structure of materials and multi-materials studied within the groups of the MATEIS laboratory, with a view to better understanding the relations between their properties of use and structural aspects. This approach is supported three different ways:

  • Managing the characterisation methods in the laboratory (optical and electronic microscopes and their accessories, preparation materials): we have to ensure the maintenance of our equipment, develop specific skills and offer training programmes that render frequent users.
  • Collaborating with all groups that make up the MATEIS laboratory when engaged in research activities or microstructural studies requiring more in-depth investigations.
  • Developing a research group, in specific domains, particularly environmental or 3D microscopy.

The SNMS group is an active member of the Centre Lyonnais de Microscopie (CLYM, Lyon Centre for Microscopy), one of the platforms of the METSA network.