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Beltukov, Y. M., C. Fusco, A. Tanguy, D. A. Parshin (2015). "Transverse and longitudinal vibrations in amorphous silicon". Journal of Physics: Conference Series 661: 021056.

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Xiong, B., O. Lame, J.-M. Chenal, C. Rochas, R. Seguela, G. Vigier (2015). 'Temperature-Microstructure Mapping of the Initiation of the Plastic Deformation Processes in Polyethylene via In Situ WAXS and SAXS'. Macromolecules 48: 5267-5275.

Xiong, B., O. Lame, J.-M. Chenal, C. Rochas, R. Seguela, G. Vigier (2015). 'Amorphous Phase Modulus and Micro–Macro Scale Relationship in Polyethylene via in Situ SAXS and WAXS'. Macromolecules 48: 2149-2160.

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  • Beltukov, Y. M.
  • Biglione, J.
  • Callies, X.
  • Cardinal, S.
  • Cathelin, J.
  • Deplancke, T.
  • Ege, K.
  • Higuchi, Y.
  • Jabbari-Farouji, S.
  • Jomaa, M. H.
  • Kanda, M.
  • Kurusu, R. S.
  • Lagmach, R.
  • Li, K.
  • Michelin-Jamois, M.
  • Millot, C.
  • Parat, A.
  • Qiao, J. C.
  • Ravi, K.
  • Stricher, A.
  • Véchambre, C
  • Vergnol, G.
  • Xiong, B.
  • Yao, Z. F.