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Baeza, G. P., A. Sharma, A. Louhichi, L. Imperiali, W. P. J. Appel, C. F. C. Fitié, M. P. Lettinga, E. Van Ruymbeke, D. Vlassopoulos(2016). "Multiscale organization of thermoplastic elastomers with varying content of hard segments", Polymer 107: 89-101.

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Candau, N., L. Chazeau, J. M. Chenal, C. Gauthier, E. Munch (2016). "Complex dependence on the elastically active chains density of the strain induced crystallization of vulcanized natural rubbers, from low to high strain rate", Polymer 97: 158-166.

Candau, N., L. Chazeau, J. M. Chenal, C. Gauthier, E. Munch (2016). "A comparison of the abilities of natural rubber (NR) and synthetic polyisoprene cis-1,4 rubber (IR) to crystallize under strain at high strain rates", Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18: 3472-3481.

Cardinal, S., J. M. Pelletier, M. Eisenbart, U. E. Klotz (2016). "Influence of crystallinity on thermo-process ability and mechanical properties in a Au-based bulk metallic glass", Materials Science and Engineering A 660: 158-165.

Cardinal, S., J. M. Pelletier, J. C. Qiao, G. Bonnefont, G. Xie (2016). "Influence of spark plasma sintering parameters on the mechanical properties of Cu50Zr45Al5 bulk metallic glass obtained using metallic glass powder", Materials Science and Engineering A 677: 116-124.

Chalencon, F., P. J. J. Dumont, L. Orgéas, G. Foray, J. Y. Cavaillé, E. Maire (2016). "Homogeneous and heterogeneous rheology and flow-induced microstructures of a fresh fiber-reinforced mortar", Cement and Concrete Research  82: 130-141.

Crétois, R., J.-M. Chenal, N. Sheibat-Othman, A. Monnier, C. Martin, O. Astruz, R. Kurusu, N. Demarquette (2016). "Physical explanations about the improvement of PolyHydroxyButyrate ductility: Hidden effect of plasticizer on physical ageing",  Polymer 102: 176-182.

Dalmas, F., L. Roiban (2016). "Three-dimensional Microstructural Characterization of Polymer Nanocomposites by Electron Tomography",  Functional and Physical Properties of Polymer Nanocomposites (DOI: 10.1002/9781118542316.ch2 ).

Frihi, D., A. Layachi, S. Gherib,  G. Stoclet, K. Masenelli-Varlot, H. Satha, R. Seguela (2016). " Crystallization of glass-fiber-reinforced polyamide 66 composites: Influence of glass-fiber content and cooling rate",  Composites Science and Technology 130: 70-77.

Koneti, S., L. Roiban, A. S. Gay, P. Avenier, F. Dalmas, T. Epicier (2016). "Calcination of Pd Nanoparticles on Delta Alumina: Ex-situ Analysis versus In-situ Environmental TEM", Microscopy and Microanalysis 22 (S5): 58-59.

Kubo, C., M. Kanda, O. Lame, J. Y. Cavaille, Y. Nishi (2016). "Effects of Homogeneous Low Energy Electron Beam Irradiation (HLEBI) on Adhesive Force of Peeling Resistance of Laminated Sheet with Polyethylene (PE) and Austenitic 18-8 Stainless Steels", Materials Transactions 57: 373-378.

Layachi, A., D. Frihi, H. Satha, R. Seguela, S. Gherig (2016). "Non-isothermal crystallization kinetics of polyamide 66/glass fibers/carbon black composites", Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 124: 1319-1329.

Makhlouf, A., H. Satha H, D. Frihi, S. Gherib, R. Seguela (2016). " Optimization of the crystallinity of polypropylene/submicronic-talc composites: The role of filler ratio and cooling rate", Express Polymer Letters, 10: 237-247.

Monnier, A., N. Sheibat-Othman, J.-M. Chenal, A. M. Santos, H. Fessi (2016). "Poly (hydroxybutyrate-co-hydroxyvalerate) Microspheres for the Encapsulation and Controlled Release of Heparin", Journal of Colloid Science and Biotechnology 5: 100-108.

Pelletier, J. M., S. Cardinal, J. C. Qiao, M. Eisenbart, U. E. Klotz (2016). "Main and secondary relaxations in an Au-based bulk metallic glass investigated by mechanical spectroscopy ", Journal of Alloys and Compounds 684: 530-536.

Qiao, J. C., Y. Yao, J. M. Pelletier, L. M. Keer (2016). " Understanding of micro-alloying on plasticity in Cu46Zr47-xAl7Dyx (0 <= x <= 8) bulk metallic glasses under compression: Based on mechanical relaxations and theoretical analysis", International Journal of Plasticity 82: 62-75.

Qiao, J. C., J.M. Pelletier, N. Li, Y. Yao (2016). " Insight on viscoelasticity in Ti16.7 Zr16.7Hf16.7Cu16.7Ni16.7Be16.7 high entropy bulk metallic glass", Journal of Iron Steel Research International 23: 19-23.

Qiao, J. C., Y. J. Wang, I. Z. Zhao, L. H. Dai, D. Crespo, J. M. Pelletier, L. M. Keer, Y. Yao (2016). "Transition from stress-driven to thermally activated stress relaxation in metallic glasses", Physical Review B 94: 104203-1-9.

Ravi, K., Y. Ichikawa, K. Ogawa, T. Deplancke, O. Lame, J. Y. Cavaillé  (2016). "Mechanistic Study and Characterization of Cold-Sprayed Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene-Nano-ceramic Composite Coating", Journal of Thermal Spray Technology  25: 160-169.

Rinaldi, R. G., L. Manin, C. Bonnard, A. Drillon, H. Lourenco, N. Havard (2016). "Non Linearity of the Ball/Rubber Impact in Table Tennis: Experiments and Modeling", Procedia Engineering  147: 348-353.

Strichter, A., R. G. Rinaldi, G. Machado, G. Fhagnon, D. Favier, L. Chazeau, F. Ganachaud (2016). "Light-Induced Bulk Architecturation of PDMS Membranes", Macromolecular Materials and Engineering (DOI :10.1002/mame.201600237).

Tong, Y., J.C. Qiao, C. Zhang, J.M. Pelletier, Y. Yao (2016). "Mechanical properties of Ti16.7Zr16.7Hf16.7Cu16.7Ni16.7Be16.7 high entropy bulk metallic glass", Journal of Non-Crysalline Solids, 452: 57-61.

Vergnol, G., N. Ginsac, P. Rivory, S. Meille, J. M. Chenal, S. Balvay, J. Chevalier, D. J. Hartmann (2016). "In vitro and in vivo evaluation of a polylactic acid‐bioactive glass composite for bone fixation devices", Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B: Applied Biomaterials 104: 180-191.

Veschambres, C., M. Halma, E. Bourgeat-Lami, L. Chazeau, F. Dalmas, V. Prevot (2016). "Layered double hydroxides: Efficient fillers for waterborne nanocomposite films", Applied Clay Science 130: 55-61.

Xiong, B., O. Lame, J. M. Chenal, C. Rochas, R. Seguela (2016). "On the strain-induced fibrillar microstructure of polyethylene: Influence of chemical structure, initial morphology and draw temperature", Express Polymer Letters 10: 311-323.

Yao, Z. F., J. C. Qiao, J. M. Pelletier, Y. Yao (2016). "High temperature deformation behaviors of the Zr63.36Cu14.52Ni10.12Al12 bulk metallic glass", Journal of Materials Science 51: 4079-4087.

Yao, Z. F., J.C. Qiao, Y. Liu, J.M. Pelletier, Y. Yao (2016). "Aspect ratio effects on the serration dynamics of a Zr-based bulk metallic glass", Journal of Materials Science, online (DOI 10.1007/s10853-016-0316-7).

Yao, Z. F., J.C. Qiao, J.M. Pelletier, Y. Yao (2016). "Characterization and modelling of dynamic relaxation of a Zr-bases bulk metallic glass", Journal of Alloys & Compounds, 690: 212-220.

Zhang, C., J. C. Qiao, J. M. Pelletier, Y. Yao (2016). "Thermal activation in the Zr65Cu18Ni7Al10 metallic glass by creep deformation and stress relaxation", Scripta Materialia 113: 180-184.

Zhang, C., J.C. Qiao, J.M. Pelletier, Y. Yao (2016). "Bulk metallic glasses: « Defects » determines performance", Materials Science and Engineering A 675: 379-385.



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  • Beltukov, Y. M.
  • Candau, N.
  • Cardinal, S.
  • Chalencon, F.
  • Crétois, R.
  • Dalmas, F.
  • Frihi, D.
  • Koneti, S.
  • Kubo, C.
  • Layachi, A.
  • Makhlouf, A.
  • Monnier, A.
  • Pelletier, J. M.
  • Qiao, J. C.
  • Ravi, K.
  • Rinaldi, R. G.
  • Strichter, A.
  • Vergnol, G.
  • Veschambres, C.
  • Xiong, B.
  • Yao, Z. F.
  • Zhang, C.