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Adohi, B.J-P.,  A. Mdarhri, C. Prunier, B. Haidar and C. Brosseau (2010). 'A comparison between physical properties of carbon black-polymer and caorbon nanotubes-polymer composites.' Journal of Applied Physics 108(7): 074108.

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  • Adohi, B.J-P.
  • Calvão, P. S.
  • Carastan, D. J.
  • Chalencon, F.
  • Chen, R.
  • Deville, S.
  • Diguet, G.
  • Faucheu, J.
  • Gherib, S.
  • Humbert, S.
  • Laghrib, S.
  • Lame, O.
  • Masenelli-Varlot, K.,
  • Mičušík, M.
  • Perez, M.
  • Peroglio, M.
  • Planes, E.
  • Wang, Q.