The teams

Ceramics and Composites destined for the biomedical sector


Producing and characterising new, tougher, more resistant and durable bioceramics. Studying the effect of the microstructure, composition and/or coupling with solicitations on the mechanical properties and material durability and/or degradation.


Zirconium dioxide and zirconia aluminia for orthopedic and dental applications

Zirconium dioxide-based micro and micro-nanocomposites

  • Nanopowder engineering, dispersion, production and sintering
  • Ageing of zirconium dioxide multiphysical coupling

Osteoconductive ceramics and bioglass

Bioglass bone substitute

  • Degradation mechanisms
  • Biocompatibility

Porous ceramics (plâtre, CaP…)

  • Mechanical properties vs. degradation

Organic-inorganic composites (mechanical properties)

Bridging mechanism in a CaP and PCL composite