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Gleeble 3500

Contact : Pr. Damien Fabregue

The gleeble has been bought by the MATEIS laboratory and some collaborators as the LAMCOS (INSA-Lyon, France) and SIMAP (INP Grenoble, France) laboratories in November 2008. This machine allows to perform thermo-mechanical tests and heat-treatments using the well-known Joule effect. In particular, highly anisothermal treatment can be performed on large samples (few centimenters). Its heating speed can reach several thousands degrees per second and cooling is performed in water or gas. Furthermore, tension and compression tests can be set inside de gleeble including displacement rate from 0.001 m/s up to 1 m/s, in vacuum or gas environment. The gleeble machine is equiped with two longitudinal and one radial extensometers as well as one dilatometer.


Fig. 1 The Gleeble 3500 equipment.


Since 2008, the gleeble has been used in several project including:

  • The modeling of welding thermally active zones in steels and aluminum alloys
  • Measure of high-temperature mechanical properties in steels and aluminum alloys
  • Microstructure optimisation in steels, titanium and cobalt alloys
  • Powder sintering
  • Thermal annealing in steels
  • Liquid alloys embrittlement of steels