The teams


Apparatus used in the MATEIS laboratory

Preparation techniques

  • Gold, aluminium oxide or and carbon metallisation
  • Wire sawing
  • Ultrasonic cutting
  • Tripod
  • Electropolishing
  • Vibratory finishing
  • Ultramicrotomy at room temperature
  • PIPS

Optical microscopy

  • Zeiss AxioPhot - reflection, transmission, polarised light etc.
  • Scanning electron microscope: Zeiss Supra 55VP equipped with:
  • In situ decontamination system (Evactron by XEI Scientific)
  • EDS analysis (X-max SDD 80 mm² by Oxford Instruments)
  • EBSD (Nordlys camera by Oxford Instruments)
  • In situ traction board (Gatan)
  • Transmission electron micrscope : JEOL 200CX equipped with :
  • Orius camera (Gatan)
  • Single-tilt, double-tilt, tilt-rotation slide
  • EDS analysis (xxx by Oxford Instruments)

Apparatus used at the Centre Lyonnais de Microscopie (CLYM)

Environmental scanning electron microscope (FEI ESEM XL-30 FEG)

  • EDS analysis (X-max 50 mm² by Oxford Instruments)
  • Peltier board
  • Heating boards (1000 and 1500°C)
  • Wet-STEM « home-made » rack
  • “Home-made” Peltier tomographic rack
  • Traction board
  • « Home-made» traction-heating board
  • Micro-injecter

Transmission electron microscope (JEOL 2010F)

  • Orius camera (Gatan)
  • EDS analysis (X-max 80 mm² by Oxford Instruments)
  • Electron energy loss spectrometer (DigiPEELS de Gatan)
  • STEM-HAADF modulus
  • Simple-tilt, double-tilt and cold slide(N2) JEOL, double-tilt GATAN BE analysis, NANOFACTORY nano-indentation, "home-made" connector for single-tilt +/-85° tomography

Environmental scanning electron microscope (FEI Titan ETEM G2 80-300 kV)

  • Mass spectrometer, plasma cleaner in situ
  • STEM-HAADF modulus
  • « Lens » type spherical aberration correction
  • Standard, tomographic, heating, double-tilt slides

Focused-ion beam (ZEISS NVision40, GEMIN SEM column, SII Ion Beam column)

  • STEM low-voltage sensor
  • Manipulator (Klocke)
  • EBSD : rapid Nordlys 2S camera, Oxford Instruments
  • EDS : SDD X-max 50 mm², Oxford Instruments
  • FIBICS : Very high resolution external scanning system (FIB/SEM) for nanopatterning and high resolution 3D
  • FLOODGUN : load control
  • GIS : C, W, SiOx, H2O, XeF2
  • Secondary Ion Detector