is a Materials Science laboratory that encompasses different fields, namely   chemistry, physics and mechanics. The MATEIS laboratory studies three classes of materials (metals, ceramics and polymers), and their composites, incorporating their characteristics by volume and surface and their interfaces.

The laboratory endeavours to describe how development, microstructure and properties are linked together by way of experiments and/or modelling. MATEIS is involved in advanced development procedures, microstructural characterisation, often in situ and/or 3D, modelling at different levels and characterisation of properties and use. We are currently studying multifunctional materials for the health, energy and transport/building sectors. 

We focus on :

  • advanced methods for developing materials for new microstructures and architectural structures, meeting new requirements and the ever increasing multifunctional constraints  of the present day.
  • the characterisation of microstructures on different scales following their development and then evolution in situ, with a view to observing them and quantifying them in 3D.
  • the relations between microstructures and the macroscopic behaviour measured using different techniques (mechanical, physical, electrochemical etc.) and at the relevant scale, from the nanometre to the structure.   
  • the evolution of the materials in use  and how they interact with the environment using a holistic approach (systems theory).

Multi-scale modelling, from the atom to the structure, relies on physical, chemical and mechanical characterisation carried out on all levels. It enables us to describe physical mechanisms and their coupling, to submit different behavioural laws and to define the material’s optimum microstructure which is the best compromise between several often opposing criteria.

MATEIS comprises around 180 people, divided up into 6 research groups. It is a Mixed Research Unit under the administrative control of three establishments:  l’INSA de Lyon (main authority), l’Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 and the CNRS. The unit is located on two campuses: 5 of its research groups are located at the Lyon-Tech La Doua campus, and the members of the I2B group who report to the ISPB are located at the Pôle Santé Lyon-Est.

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