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Hip simulator

This apparatus simulates the movements and mechanical loads induced by gait on the hip articulation. It allows testing the resistance to wear of bearing components of the hip prostheses (heap and cup).


Technical characteristics:

4 stations

Frequency: up to 1Hz

Load: programmable, up to 5 kN per station

Test medium: water or diluted bovine serum

Decoaptation is possible on 1 station


Example of load cycle (left: Paul's cycle) and movements (droite) allowed by Mateis Hip Simulator

See also: L. Gremillard et al., Combining aging and wear to assess the durability of zirconia-based ceramic heads for total hip arthroplasty, Acta Biomaterialia 2013, 9 (7) pp. 7545–7555

Contact: Laurent Gremillard