The teams

Research topics

1       Biological interactions

 1.1     Micro-organisms and surfaces

1.1.1     Vectors for active molecules: Synthesis and characterisation of pharmaceutical microspheres for regeneration of dental tissues

 1.1.2     Antibacterial surfaces: biofilm formation mechanisms on materials for intraocular lenses; nanosurfaces; use of modified vegetable oils

1.1.3     Antifugic and antiviral textiles : chitosan-based textiles 

1.2     Cells and materials

1.2.1     Molecular interactions: study of molecular interactions for diagnostic and therapeutics by surface plasmonic resonnance; molecule-molecule or molecule-nanoparticle interactions.

1.2.2     Biocompatibility :  effect of wear particles on osteolysis; test of the biocompatibility of new materials.


2       Biomaterials

2.1     Durability of orthopaedic and dental prostheses: Increase the durability of dental and orthopaedic prostheses made from ceramics (alumina, zirconia, composites). Processing of new materials, study of the degradation mechanisms.

2.2     Bio-inspired ceramics and composites for bone substitution: Bioactive, implantable materials that present good mechanical properties. Processing and characterization of bioactive glasses and calcium phosphates. 

2.3     Collagen-baseds devices: Nerve growth tutors and anti-adhesive membranes

2.4     Biocompatible metals: Nickel-free metals, cobalt alloys and single-phase titanium for orthopaedic and cardiovascular applications